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You've heard the saying. It's a small world. But when you have over 160 currencies circulating around the world, just how small is our world, really? Currency conversion doesn't have to be complex, and there's where Exchanger jumps in. With a beautiful interface and quick workflows, you'll be converting those Euros to Rubles in no time. Travellers and online shoppers, rejoice!


Beautiful Currency Feed

With Exchanger, you live right in its currency feed. See all of your favorite currencies at one glance. Move them around with ease, or delete them with one swipe.

For the Colorful

Whatever the occasion, choose from eleven vibrant themes to make Exchanger uniquely yours!

Currencies Galore

Whether it's an Australian Dollar, a Panamanian Balboa, a Turkish Lira, or Bitcoin, Exchanger supports them all. Over 160 currencies to be exact. And we've packed some cute little currency icons to boot!

Greater Consistency

Our rates are derived from multiple sources, and averaged out for greater consistency.

Offline Mode

We understand that it isn't always easy staying connected while abroad, which is why Exchanger supports offline usage. Simply download the latest rates before you travel, and you're good to go.



One-Tap Workflows

Time is valuable, which is why Exchanger doesn't force you to jump unnecessarily between screens. Tap once to switch base currencies. Tap once to change the value of a currency. You may end up being the fastest currency converter in town. Yee-haw!

Tailor-Made Accuracy

Configure Exchanger to how you like it. By default, conversions are rounded to four decimal places, but you can go up to nine decimal places for extreme accuracy.

Factor In Those Conversion Fees

Let's face it. Nobody likes fees. But the reality is, they exist, and a large number of institutions charge them whenever you purchase an item in another currency. Exchanger lets you optionally factor in those fees when performing conversions, so you'll have a better idea of what will appear on your credit card statement when you're back from that trip to paradise.

Current Version: 1.3.1

Compatibility: iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 8 or later

Languages: English

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